Prague, 8 June 2021 – Job seekers in the Czech Republic can expect limited hiring opportunities in the forthcoming quarter, according to employers who report a seasonally adjusted Net Employment Outlook of +4%. Hiring intentions weaken by 3 percentage points when compared with the previous quarter, but improve by 11 percentage points in comparison with 3Q 2020, when COVID-19 first had an impact on hiring plans.

“Rising unemployment doesn’t mean that hiring is any easier today. Laying off workers in food services, tertiary sector and administration didn’t bring around new candidates for industrial sectors, healthcare or education. Companies’ demand is less and less aligned with the supply, i.e., available candidates, due to the freezing of the labour market during the pandemic. People don’t change their job unless they have to, because job change means uncertainty and risk. According to ManpowerGroup labour market index companies in all sectors have started hiring again. However, they also say it is now more difficult to fill in vacancies than before the pandemic. The solution of this complex situation on the new labour market is for companies to focus even more on change and upskilling of their employees, to use alternative and flexible work forms and to better care for their employees,” said Jaroslava Rezlerová, Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Czech Republic.

Industry sector comparisons

Workforce gains are forecast for five of seven Czech industry sectors during the third quarter of 2021. In a comparison with the prior quarter, Outlooks weaken in four sectors while improving in two. When compared with this time one year ago, hiring sentiment strengthens in six of the seven sectors.
Reporting their strongest hiring intentions in two years, Manufacturing sector employers (+15%) anticipate the strongest sector labor market in 3Q 2021. Hiring plans in the sector remain relatively stable when compared with the previous quarter and improve by 19 percentage points year-over-year. Hiring sentiment is also stronger than the national Outlook in the Construction sector, where the Outlook of +13 declines by 4 percentage points quarter-over-quarter, but improves by 14 percentage points year-over-year. Finance & Business Services sector employers report modest hiring intentions with an Outlook of +6%, dipping by 4 percentage points when compared with the previous quarter, but improving by 14 percentage points in comparison with last year at this time. The weakest sector Outlook of -1% is reported by Other Production sector employers, remaining relatively stable quarter-over-quarter, and unchanged in comparison with the third quarter of 2020.

Regional comparisons

An increase in staffing levels is expected in all three Czech regions during the next three months. Hiring prospects weaken in all three regions when compared with the previous quarter, but strengthen in all three when compared with this time one year ago.
The strongest regional hiring pace is anticipated in Prague (+7%), remaining relatively stable quarter-over-quarter and improving by 24 percentage points in comparison with the same period last year. Employers in Bohemia report the weakest regional Outlook of +5%, remaining relatively stable in comparison with 2Q 2021, and improving by 7 percentage points year-over-year.

Organization Size Comparisons

Employers in three of the four organization size categories expect to grow staffing levels during 3Q 2021, most notably in the Large category (+24%). However, Small employers (-2%) expect to trim payrolls.

Global Overview

Globally, employers in 42 of the 43 countries and territories surveyed expect to grow payrolls during the third quarter of 2021, including all 26 EMEA countries. In a comparison with the second quarter of 2021, employers report stronger hiring plans in 31 of the 43 countries and territories, while Outlooks weaken in eight, with no change reported in four. When compared with this time one year ago – when COVID-19 first had an impact on hiring sentiment – employers in 42 of the 43 countries and territories report improved hiring prospects, with no change in one. In the coming quarter, the strongest labor markets are forecast in the U.S., Taiwan, Australia, Greece, Ireland and Singapore, while the weakest hiring intentions are reported in Hong Kong, Argentina, Panama and South Africa.

The next ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey featuring the forecast for the 4Q 2021 period will be published on 14 September 2021.

ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey in Czech

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